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What's On?

We have FIVE great venues where you can enjoy the ultimate in Northern, Motown, 60s and 70s Club Classics, Modern,
Crossover, plus rare and underplayed collectors soul.

There will be 4 soul nites, 3 All -Dayers and 2 All-Nighters …plus our very own on-site 24 hour soul radio station!

Arena 1 - 'There Was A Time' - CLASSIC NORTHERN SOUL AND MOTOWN - In The Fun Factory

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8pm-2am "Welcome Party" 8pm-5am 2pm - 5pm & 8pm - 6am 1pm - Midnight

All the biggest All Nighter sounds from over the past 40 years - 60s, 70s, Motown and so much more!

Arena 2 - 'I Love Music' MODERN SOUL ANTHEMS - "Modern Soul anthems and Soulful Dance in Lunars"

Friday Saturday Sunday
9pm - 4am 9pm - 5am   8pm - midnight

From the uplifting, sing-a-long classics to the cream of today's new and recent releases and the inspirational sound of Soulful House.

Arena 3 - Connoisseurs 60s, 70s Crossover in The House of Soul

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9pm - 1am "Welcome Party" 2pm - 5pm & 8pm - 3am 2pm - 6pm & 9pm - 4am Noon - 4pm

Just the greatest collections of rare and quality "tent" and crossover all coming together under one roof!

Arena 4 - Cutting edge rare Northern and 60s R&B in Redeemption

Friday       Saturday Sunday
2pm - 6pm & 9pm - 4am 2pm - 6pm & 9pm - 4am 2pm - 5pm & 8pm - 11pm

A heady mix of exceptional, unobtainable Northern and 60's R+B.

Arena 5- The Queen Vic - COLLECTORS UNDERPLAYED 60s/70s and MODERN in The Queen Vic

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1pm -8pm  Noon-10.00pm Noon-10.00pm Noon-8.00pm

Relax or dance in the Queen Vic as our guest DJs put together a great mix of quality R+B, 60s , 70s and Northern.

Something for everyone!