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ARENA 3 :  " THE HOUSE OF SOUL: Mellow and uba-cool 60s & 70s crossover soul for the connoisseurs."Prepare to have your eyes and ears opened to some of the most incredible late 60s and 70s soul as specially prepared by our time-served squad of DJs for whom this music is both a passion and a pleasure..


As the might and power of the 60s gave way to the sophistication of the 70s, for just a few fleeting years the two styles merged in a glorious musical melage - "Crossover" soul is what many like to call it, a heady mix of the exceptional and the unobtainable and it's what sets this room apart - our excellent team of soul aficionados are far too good to just wheel out the standards, and whilst there'll always be plenty of "arms in the air" favourites to keep the dancefloor full, be ready to add some new titles to your wants list!

This year we extend the times in the House of Soul, to introduce another mellow soul Sunday matinee session, a special "Soul in the Sun meets So Soulful 70s" session on the Friday afternoon and Village Soul with Terry, Andy and Gary on the Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday, "Real Soul on Sunday - The Diggin' Deep Session" with Sean Hampsey, Kev Briscoe and a special guest with a heady mix of super soulful midtempo, downtempo beat ballads and deep as youi like Soul grooves. A great place to chill for a few hours before the journey home!


"The Crossover & Real Soul Sessions"

Ivor Jones
Sean Hampsey
Tats Taylor
Cliff Steele
Steve Plumb
Glyn Thornhill
Kev Briscoe
Terry Jones

Special Guest - Arthur Fenn


"Village Soul - Saturday Afternoon"

Terry Jones
Gary Dennis
Andy Davies


"Soul In The Sun / So Soulful 70s "

Eddy Edmondson
Steve Plumb

"Real Soul on Sunday - The Diggin' Deep Session"

Sean Hampsey
Kev Briscoe
Plus, special guest The Phantom Janitor